Mobile App Development – Trends in 2015

Mobile App Development – Trends in 2015

As 2015 is on its way to hit our calendars with more excitement and curiosity. Everyone is looking forward to see the new changes in the mobile industry. According to a series of research studies by the Forrester Research, mobile app development is in its beginning stage and will continue to be a $39 billion industry by 2015.

In upcoming years, app and software development will be a lucrative market around the globe. The new App development trends expected to be consistent at least up to the next year. Let’s check what those trends are…

1. iOS will lose its market share to Android

Currntly, Android is on its highest peak and is constantly rising as a mobile platform. Because of this, Apple will lose its tablet market share by the end of 2015 and Android will take over. According to a recent study by IDC, Android market share was 78% in 2013 which rises to magnificent 80.2% by the end of 2014. And this will continue by 2015 as well.

2. Native apps will be in decline

A drastic change will be noticed in the mobile industry with the rising of new platforms in mobile applications. Such expanding capacities of web apps will result in a decline of native apps by 2015. particularly in the business world, designers will get familiar about the dangers of native apps and will accept the versatility of mobile apps.

3. Connected objects will be on the rise

2014 have already witnessed about the captivating application and the trend will continue a notch higher in 2015. Google has recently come up with smart appliance maker Nest and even released a smoke detector application, controlled by Smartphone app.

On the other side, Samsung recently released a washing machine remote controlled by Wi-Fi. The connected objects with apps and software will go to the next level with improved and eye-opening technologies. With smart TV’s and video games consoles, 2015 will bang with more connected objects like household appliances, wearable technologies and other products.

4. Cloud application will be a common name

With cloud application, you can enjoy the benefit of both traditional desktop and web application. Because cloud application is a hybrid of both of these applications. Cloud Application offers rich user experience, Offline mode, Quick response to user experience, share and upload any file, take a screen shot and do a quick recording of your screen.

By 2015, cloud application will be written on cloud directly and cloud providers will offer cloud-hosted services to upcoming applications.

5. Parallax scrolling will be the new buzz word

Parallax scrolling, a growing trend in apps design industry improves the visual appeal and overall user experience through creating an illusion of the Depth and movement of images. It allows content to be displayed on a single page,
Engaging visitors for a long time on a web page. However, It might also cause web pages to load longer in time and unable to function smoothly across all browsers.
Designing a responsive application becomes challenging too. But ‘Wow factors’ always win!


The above 5 trends will surely take the mobile app market one step higher in the competition on the forthcoming years. But other changes are expected to take place as well. Such as, HTML will evolve to be as popular mobile development platform, Application framework ‘Meteor’ will gain a huge popularity. Most excitingly, Application for wearable devices may hit the market by 2015!

All these new trends have already created a great buzz in the market. By 2015, such trends will take the mobile app industry to a next level!